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All of us are born with genetic variants that can alter the function of our genes and the proteins they encode. By analyzing genetic data and health information from millions of individuals, we can learn about the role of these functional genetic variants in health and disease, and design medicines to mimic those that are beneficial.

our approach

Unlike most biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that initiate therapeutic programs based on reports in the scientific literature or observations in animal models of disease, Empirico focuses exclusively on novel, validated targets that we identify as drivers of human disease via in-house human genetics research. We employ an efficient discovery framework to enable the rapid and systematic evaluation of a large number of high-conviction targets in parallel, from in silico insight to in vivo proof of concept, resulting in significant optionality, and a greater probability of success.

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our platforms

Empirico is dedicated to uncovering and mimicking favorable causal relationships between human genetic variation and clinical outcomes. Our proprietary platforms utilize leading-edge computational and experimental approaches to both discover novel targets and design therapeutic molecules:
  • Precision Insights Platform™

    For the discovery and validation of novel therapeutic targets using human genetics

    The Precision Insights Platform is purpose-built for human genetics-driven target discovery. By combining data from millions of individuals, expertly-curated data models, an ensemble of proprietary statistical, machine learning and AI algorithms, and a suite of sophisticated applications; the platform enables our scientists to systematically generate, interrogate, and prioritize high-confidence therapeutic hypotheses. We augment our in silico discovery approaches with proprietary in vitro and in vivo experimental data generated in our functional genomics and target biology labs.

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  • siRCH™ Platform

    For the design and discovery of clinically-viable siRNA lead candidates

    siRCH works in tandem with the Precision Insights Platform to predict, synthesize and screen siRNA candidates, enabling rapid advancement from the discovery and validation of novel targets through to clinically-viable siRNA medicines. The siRCH process begins with computationally designed and prioritized siRNAs that have favorable properties and are predicted to be active and safe in vivo. Prioritized siRNAs are then synthesized using Empirico’s innovative and proprietary chemistries for hepatic and extrahepatic delivery, and evaluated in our highly-standardized screening workflows. Data generated as part of the siRNA discovery process is ingested into the siRCH Platform, enabling continuous learning and improvement of predictions.

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